Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tripping on the sizzling breasts

Hey, someone subbed Ancient Dogoo Girl! It's not very good!

This is pretty much exactly what you'd expect to get from Noboru "Machine Girl" Iguchi doing a TV series. He can't get away with (or afford) any crazy gore effects, so instead he just dials up the goofiness. So basically, this episode is about a shut-in who has a poster that says "smoke marijuana" and a copy of Mega Man X8 prominently displayed next to a picture of his dead mother. He digs up a skimpily-dressed superheroine who's been buried under approximately an inch of dirt, and by "dig up" I mean "trip over and be mystically burned by the cone bra of", and they fight an emotionally manipulative fish demon and her pigtailed henchman.

So yeah, this seems to be the kind of thing you'd see mainly to be able to say "Yeah, I saw that." If it actually gets good later I'll let you know.

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