Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Katanagatari Episode 01

So the anime is shit, too.
So much for my theory that the flaws in the novels would be diminished by the acting and directing; this ineptly produced embarrassment fails to provide either. Voice acting ranges from generic to downright terrible (Shichika's first few lines are some of the worst acting I've heard this year) and the directing makes you long for Shaft's stylistic excess, as the vast majority of the episode consists of lips flapping in an unmoving frame.
It winds up being even more of a crushing bore than the novel was. At this point I still had more positive things to say than negative ones, and optimistically believed he was going to find a way to correct the flaws. The anime provides no reason to continue whatsoever.


  1. I just can't begin to understand why somebody thought that adapting what is maybe the worst work of Nisioisin was a good idea in the first place. I would have expected something like the Zaregoto series, not this.

  2. No...Medaka is Nisio's worst work....

  3. Gave up waiting for anyone reputable to sub this.


    Yeah, this kind of just lies there dead on the screen. All the ingredients for a half-decent show are present, but there's just no chemistry happening. I actually started nodding off during the second ep.