Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baka to Test to Shokanju 2

I've picked up a habit of trying stuff out, liking it, and just never keeping up with it. Still no idea how long I'll watch this, but I did watch the second episode, and enjoyed it again.
I'm not sure why. On the surface, it's a terrible show, jam packed with horrible anime cliches like sunset drenched flashblacks to childhood memories with the faces removed, or cutaways to an exterior shot as a girl shrieks, "Baka!" shrilly.
On the other hand, the main dude had a table superglued to his hand for the bulk of the episode.

Never once commented on at all, just there, no matter how inappropriate. There's even a bit where everyone sits around it eating senbei on it. A set piece involving the male lead catching squeaky voiced girl he loves writing a love letter to someone else and doing his level best not to notice as subtitles offer sarcastic counterpoint also offered just enough stylistic overload to feel like a new twist on a tired gag. This may not be a good show, but they aren't willing to take that lying down.

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  1. I actually just watched the first ep of this... yeah, objectively it's no great shakes, but I did actually laugh a few times, so I'll stick around for a bit.