Monday, January 18, 2010

Bubble Crisis 2005

As I've said before and will no doubt say again, Jonathan Clements is always right. It took me a while to hack through my podcast backlog and get to it, but the 12/03 ANNcast is a thorough autopsy on Geneon USA, and by extension, the entire US anime industry.

This is just chock full of fascinating tidbits, plenty of actual names and numbers, and some anecdotes that confirm and deny bits of the conventional wisdom (interestingly, TV airtime didn't always make much difference in sales). This kind of thing NEVER gets aired publicly... every now and then you hear an insider darkly comment that there's no money in anime, but this makes the whole thing sound like a sickening money pit. As a consumer during those heady days, I'd just like to thank pretty much all the companies for taking a bath on my behalf, bringing over a bunch of shows I really loved, among the hordes of ones I hated.

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