Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dance in the Vampire Bund 2

I didn't initially plan to comment on this, but the more I think about it, the more this made me angry.
I was aware going in that the source material here is shit. Whether it was guilty pleasure shit or reprehensible shit probably depends on your interest in naked loli vampires, which aren't high on my particular list of fun things. But the first episode sort of tricked me into thinking it might be interesting. Particularly since it had nothing to do with the manga. I wondered if they might have stepped into the manga, grabbed something interesting out of it, and thrown the rest away.
Even on the low, low terms this thing is trying to sell itself with, the second episode is a failure. I was physically unable to complete it. It makes the classic kaijuu movie mistake -- wasting an incredible amount of time establishing the human, squishy characters in excruciating detail even though they aren't the reason anybody is watching and you haven't spent the slightest effort making them anything except the most horrific cliches imaginable. The first half of this episode was literally so boring watching it nearly killed me. Apparently the second half involves missile attacks on the vampire and inappropriate use of sunscreen, but no force on earth can possible make a show recover from the gaping black hole you'd have to survive to get to that stuff.
In the normal run of things, this would be how the show started, and we would all have known it was complete shit from the get go. But because they tricked us with the first episode, I wound up cautiously recommending one of the worst things I've ever fucking seen.
Recommendation rescinded. Avoid this show like the motherfucking plague. Literally anything would be better.


  1. ANYTHING? Even the Katanagatari series that's airing next week?

  2. I think Katanagatari looks good.
    Remember, the thing was only shit in comparison to his other works -- still better than the vast majority.

  3. I think what disappoints me most is that Shinbo isn't even trying anything to make this show easier to watch, like crazy stylizing or anything. Just sort of... there... I definitely thought it was a week ep, even from a lolicon standpoint since Mina Tepes is drawn fucking hideously.

  4. Not to say that this was actually good, or that you missed anything (though the emotional reunion preempted by rocket snipers was worth a chuckle), but I didn't think the first half was especially deadly... I have, unfortunately, sat through far more boring things lately, though they are apparently sufficiently boring that I can't think of any names offhand...