Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baka to Test to Shokanju 03

Welcome to random background detail fascination theater!
In this episode, they go to a very strange movie theater. Check out the pricing scheme!

I understand overcharging the rich, and turning away drunkards, but what is up with this wholesale approval of housing complex wives!?

Most of the movies shown are silly parodies of current big hits, but what the fuck is Nipple Love!? And why is T-Back High School only being shown at midnight!?


  1. T-Back High School showing at midnight? Sounds like porn to me. And the housing complex wife thing must have something to do with the prevalence of such wives in porn. Either you're more innocent than you seem or I've been thinking about porn too much.

    Nipple Love reminds me of something (not more porn) but I can't think clearly what that something is.

  2. Oh, I totally got both of those. Don't worry about my corruption level.