Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dance in the Vampire Bund 01

Vampires! Underage vampires! Nudist underage vampires!
Was pretty much all I knew going in, and it was not encouraging, but Bakemonogatari sort of has me actually giving Shinbo shows a shot.

So having the entire episode be a terrible Japanese panel discussion show interrupted, eventually, by vampire battles...was kinda refreshing. Who knows what the show will be like once a more conventional narrative starts, but as first episodes go, this was an interesting approach.


  1. I watched this because I had nothing to do and you made it sound kinda cool.

    It was kinda cool but I quite literally got bored and fell asleep (it was late) when the quiz show bit was over and the maids and loli vampire fight monster bit started. I now want to watch an anime that pisses all over the source material by using as the tangentially related background story for something stupid and pointless for the whole episode, every episode. That would be brilliant. Somehow though I suspect I'm in the minority here; I imagine a lot of fans of the manga are being angry on the internet as a result of this.

    P.S, Durala惩!! (r's or l's?) was awesome and it makes me want a motorcycle.

  2. I'm voting Dulalala, all by myself over in this corner.
    Official title is Durarara at the moment, but Japanese people aren't so hot at the whole r/l thing.
    Since his vampire series is called Vamp!, Narita suggested they call his Dullahan series Dula!. He and his editor tossed this back a few times, and since "lalala" is a common utterance, they wound up calling it Dulalala on the grounds that it was hilariously stupid. If we spell it with rs, then it simply doesn't work at all. I think Durarara is a patently obvious mistake, and have no idea why people seem to be so up in arms about it.