Saturday, January 2, 2010

Space Battleship Yamato live action trailer

Without any pre-existing love for the franchise, I've not got much to form an opinion on here. Director previously did Returner, which was...not the worst sci-fi B-movie ever, but ultimately pretty forgettable. About the only thing I remember was that it felt odd seeing Takeshi Kaneshiro speak his native language after so many Hong Kong films.
He's spent the last few years doing unwatchable syrupy horseshit (the Always movies) and apparently got this gig after they booted the original director (an ex-GONZO dude who did Vandread and effects on I guess this is a big step up) on the grounds that they'd cast Kimura Takuya and were retooling the movie from a war film to a human drama about the lives of the crew. Which I think speaks for itself.


  1. Well, it looks slick, at least, but I have no real faith in it actually being good, to be honest. The idea's pretty silly, fundamentally, and it doesn't look like they shook it up too much. I expect they'll play it serious or some shit.

  2. Oh man, Space Grandpa is just perfectly cast. Shame they couldn't convince Kaneshiro to cut his damn hair though, he looks HILARIOUSLY out of place.