Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Zoo 02: Seven Rooms

The ten year old narrator and his sister wake up in a concrete room. The door is tightly shut, and a single slice of bread is delivered with a saucer of water in the morning. A trench runs through the middle of the room, filled with filthy, putrid, insect infested water.
The boy is small enough to fit through the gap in the wall, and swim upstream. He finds three more rooms, each with a woman locked inside. Then his path is blocked by iron bars.
He heads down stream. In the fifth room is another woman; the sixth is empty, and in the seventh, a lady who claims torn up bits of bodies come down the trench every night at six.
They watch that night, but see no bodies. But next day a new woman is in room six, and the lady in room seven is gone.
And the day after that? The woman in room one comes floating down the trench, teeth first.

This is a fucking nasty story. Gripping as hell, but still...I can't believe they fucking filmed it. Or more accurately, I can't believe anyone let their kids read the script...

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