Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ride Back 02

Finally found time to watch this.
Whoever the fuck is voicing this character:

Needs to have their voice box ripped out by jackals.
Then we need to stab fucking knitting needles through the director's ears for letting her fucking talk like that and eviscerate his show.
I can't even decide if the rest of the episode was at all watchable, because every time I thought I was safe she fucking squealed like a stuck pig being roasted alive and ruined everything.
Can't get on to the war shit fast enough.


  1. Apparently Suzuri is supposed to be quite annoying. Heck, even other characters in the goddamn show can't stand her. Still, she shouldn't be annoying to the point of ultimately being painful to us kind viewers. Seriously, Megumi Matsumoto (Suzuri's seiyu) needs to die. Oh, and the director definitely needs a time out for allowing Matsumoto to run rampant .... aurally.

    I agree that the "war shit" isn't coming fast enough. While I certainly don't mind seeing more slick RideBack racing -- so long as the utterance of the perennially cringe-inducing "Spread Legs Form" is kept to a minimum -- the political backdrop is what got me interested in Ride Back in the first place.

  2. I definitely remember it being better integrated in the manga, with Shoko already participating in student protests. I haven't compared the two yet, but given how much the first episode changed things around...