Friday, January 9, 2009


I managed to show an episode of this to Joe a while back. He watched it for a while, and then gave me a bemused stare. "So they just snark about trivia?" he said.
But they do so very well.

Sixth season started properly today; moving up in the world to BBC1, apparently. I don't profess to understand the rankings of the BBCs, but the higher the number, the more shit the show. BBC3 makes Torchwood, so I can only assume BBC4 is for the mentally ill.
The format is utterly simple; Stephen Fry hosts, Alan Davies loses, and three other guests from an extended company of comedians all do their best to avoid letting Fry ask another impossible question. The extended riff is the single greatest type of comedy, and the least likely to be actually written - it only happens when people with the right type of mind get in the same room and attempt to make each other fall off the couch. Every episode of QI consists of nothing but these riffs, which make it the greatest game show of all time. Even if (or especially because) no one gives a flying fuck who wins.


  1. If you can talk about British TV, I can totally talk about American video games (i.e. Rock Band).

  2. Yes.
    Weren't we always talking about whatever the fuck we were interested in?
    Although I would probably not do a flood of posts listing what songs you finally cleared. It probably does need to be something a bit more substantial.

  3. ...don't we all have Livejournals for that?

  4. That's what I thought, that we were going to maintain at least a tenuous connection to Asia :)

  5. Fuck Asia, they've been dropping the ball.
    I mean, obviously, the majority of posts will relate to Asia, but we're certainly allow to make media diary posts reflecting other stuff as long as it is equally obscure. Not going to talk about Doctor Who here, for instance.

  6. Actually, BBC4 is predominantly high-brow factual programming - I mean, they have a light-hearted panel quiz entirely about grammar, which is certainly too much for the average BBC3 viewer.