Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trying to play Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine...

I've taken a dark turn in my life, as I've decided to finally jump into an MMO, a genre I usually dismiss with more than a little scorn (they just never worked for me, combining the worst elements of table-top gaming with the worst bits of the Internet). I was more than a bit skeptical when they announced a Shin Megami Tensei MMO, but I really enjoyed the PS2 games I played so I figured I'd apply for the beta and see what happened.

Surprisingly, I got accepted into the closed beta, but it ended before I actually got around to installing the client (which makes me wonder how much of a beta it was vs. a publicity stunt). Thankfully they opened the public beta shortly after that and I finally got around to installing it tonight.

Sadly, haven't had much luck getting it to work yet, despite a few hours of work.

I should say that I'm running Windows in VM Ware Fusion on a Macbook, but I wasn't expecting this level of difficulty. The program crashed immediately on startup when I changed my screen resolution, then it crashed my entire computer (automatically forcing a reboot) when I tried to log in. Then, after getting it all back up and running, it just told me that the server is full and I should try again later.

I just got it working now, actually, and I don't think this is going to fly. Doesn't look like my laptop has the chops to deal with the graphics, sadly. I technically got it running, but even the character creation screen was basically unintelligible.

This is definitely why I usually stick with console games.
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  1. I gave this thing about two weeks to not suck, and it failed miserably. All the elements of a MegTen game were there, but none of them meshed right AT ALL, and the game's difficulty curve is fucked. I had more fun playing with the Cathedral of Shadows than anything else, and I can get that by breaking out my PS2.

  2. Yeah, PC is a dead platform as far as I'm concerned, and having played other MMOs I'm hard-pressed to see why I should shit up all the fun I'm having with Persona 4 by playing it on other people's schedule. It's neat that this came out here but I'd rather just have more of the offline games.