Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kiss×sis, episode 1

The premise is familiar and worn: a young man living with beautiful "sisters" to whom he bears no actual blood relation. They are sisters only by virtue of their parents' marriage, and the girls stir conflicting emotions deep within the young man. How can he ever resist their seductive allure?

Kiss×sis pushes the envelope with remarkably explicit dialogue and parents that cheer the kids on ("Your sisters are girls too!"). The sisters (twins, really) leap upon their brother (and each other) with wanton abandon, proclaiming that they want to "rub his thing too" or taking advantage of him in the morning. Their constant competition for his attention and affection ends up being a softcore arms race with their hapless brother caught in the middle.

Despite the premise, the blunt dialogue and the sometimes over-the-line situations, the show never actually takes the plunge into hentai territory, much to it's credit. Instead it walks the tight line of titillation and provocation without getting bogged down into the service requirements of actual pornography. The audience is allowed to laugh at the absurd situation and enjoy the blatant sexual pandering without the taboo taint of sitting through actual sex scenes.

It's really the fact that this show goes just a bit beyond the usual boundaries of panty-shot filled cheesecake shows and yet not so far that it becomes something better watched alone that sets it apart. Well animated, it's a pleasure to watch and doesn't take itself too seriously. Kiss×sis knows what it is and feels no shame in it; just sit back and enjoy the fan service.

This first episode was an OVA bundled with a volume of the manga, apparently, perhaps explaining both its budget and what it was able to get away with. With any luck, it'll be pretty successful and lead to a full series.

Recommended to anyone who loves panty shots but want something a bit more than the usual childish taunting without either moe bullshit or actual hentai content.
based on one episode : ANN : Wikipedia


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