Sunday, January 4, 2009

Akiba-chan, episode 1

As opposed to the otaku adventures of a moe anthropomorphication of Akihabara as the title might suggest, Akiba-chan is instead a bizarre mix of half-hearted figure stop-motion and (often jarringly) cheap CG. Akiba is a cute, pink-haired girl living in an apartment house with several other cute, soft-spoken and bumbling girls. Hilarity ensues!

Or, at least, it's supposed to. The first episode is a wacky adventure trying to bake a cake. The girls having no idea what they're doing - and taking time to remind the audience of just how klutzy they are - so of course things get out of hand and the microwave explodes.

The show's completely vapid content aside, it's the style that appears to be the actual draw, such as it is. Much of the show is done with pose-able figures in little play-set locations. While actual stop-motion may be employed from time to time, most of the time it looks like someone filming themselves playing with their dolls. The obvious joints and seams may make it difficult for many people to get into it.

Dark Helmet might be able to keep an audience's attention when playing with his action figures, but with literally nothing going on beyond "Look! Moe girls try and fail at every day household tasks! Aren't they just adorable?" there is precious little here. Akiba-chan might be impressive as an amateur YouTube series, but as a professional production both the mediocre writing and bargain-basement CG squander what minimal novelty the "figure-mation" brings to the table.

Not recommended: only for those in desperate need of fresh cliched fuel for their moe fires. Perfect for anyone who combines the moe disease with some kind of figure fetish, however.
based on one episode : Wikipedia

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