Monday, January 26, 2009

Undeniable facts

No book by Kia Asamiya can ever appear on a top ten list of anything. Unless that list is a "Top Ten Shittiest Things Ever Drawn" list. And he will undoubtedly be all ten fucking entries.
There is nobody worse. There never will be anyone worse. All his works should be burned, and his hands should be cut off and fed to his children.

Especially do not include one of his works on a top ten list of manly manga that does not include Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is required on just about any top ten list, particularly ones involving words like "Manly", "Awesome", "Fucking Awesome", "Orgasmic", "Genius", "Virile", "Oddly Gay", and "Fucking go read this now".


  1. Who has committed this terrible crime!?

  2. Some one at
    By the user name "Hakaisha." Which means destroyed. Fitting! Since she has just DESTROYED her reputation.

  3. Jojo doesn't get enough love.

  4. Blind dismissal of shounen is stupid, especially considering how manly/homosexual/awesome the covers of Jojo's are.

    I've not read anything by Asamiya, though. The only thing I'm aware of what he's wrote is some Batman manga -- just how bad is he?

  5. Even if the way he draws faces didn't make me want to throw up, they never change expressions, and stand in poorly framed panels with no or poorly drawn backgrounds, while the stories proceed with absolutely not attempt at being anything than a haphazard pile of cliche.