Saturday, January 24, 2009

Goth: Mori no Yoru

I was more than a little surprised to see this title pop up on the novel release charts last month. Otsu Ichi is not exactly known for sequels, and Goth was written six years ago.
On closer inspection, the thing appears to be some sort of photo essay; the actress who played Morino in the movie teaming up with a photographer and Otsu Ichi to do 79 pages of text and story set a number of years after the original novel.
I'm curious, but not enough to actually pick it up...


  1. I was pretty interested when I heard about this - for all of the minute or so it took me to realise it's just some crap promotion for the movie (and the girl). I guess I'd still like to read it but yeah, there's no way I'm buying it.

    Also I can't help thinking that even if it wasn't movie tie-in it'd be disappointing. Goth definitely seems a very much finished and complete story to me.

  2. I could stand to read a lot more stories about those two, but I'm not sure Otsu Ichi has it in him. He didn't even manage six, really.