Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So long and thanks for all the OVAs

So another one bites the dust. I actually happened to watch Negadon the night before the news broke, and, well, it wasn't really that surprising considering that Negadon is pretty much the last thing CPM released in the last three years.

With CPM finally down, I think Media Blasters is the last of what I always considered the second-tier anime distributors, who tended to subsist on OVAs, and usually not being too picky about quality or coherence. That meant some pretty spotty catalogues, but every now and then you'd find some weird diamond among the dross.

Maybe I should post a bit on the host of oddities Central Park Media and its army of sublabels brought to the world, as one last hat-tip to that crappy CGI MD Geist. Eh, probably not. If nothing else I'll always remember them fondly for bringing out Patlabor, which changed me from some guy who remembered Robotech into the broken man I am today. Cheers.

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  1. I'm surprised it took them this long, actually. They've basically been a silent shell for several years now at least. Contacting them for screening permissions was hit-or-miss and it's been "Sure, show it, but we can't provide screeners or anything." Shame.

    It's a double shame that it seems like the OVA market's dried up on the other side of the pond too. Doesn't seem like the OVA really has any weight anymore. Not much (worth paying attention to) seems to be made in that same "half-dozen episodes at most, better budget than TV" niche.

    Lots of stuff would have done much better in that format, I think...