Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Horse tossing

It's no secret that I have been looking forward to Madhouse's adaption of the MAJESTIC Souten Kouro with RAW NAKED TERROR.
Mouryou no Hako aside, Madhouse's track record with adaptions has been absolutely fucking vile for ages, and for every astounding triumph the studio tends to shit out at least two budgetless abortions.
And Souten Kouro is fucking unfilmable, the single most bad ass thing ever put to page.
So I am pleased to cheerily inform you that the anime is not total shit.
The voice acting is relentlessly mediocre, the pacing is all the fuck over the map, and there are glaring budget-saving animation cheats all the hell over the place, but fuck it.
It seems to have preserved just enough of the bad ass abandon to remain entertaining.

Severed heads bouncing off pillars, deafening bells rung by flung boulders, horses tossed miles into the air, epic philosophy debates in a raging sandstorm, an opening song that's almost catchy till the singer ruins it, and an ending song that gets a free fucking pass for the most awesome band name ever: Ogre You Asshole.
But what the FUCK is this shit after the preview!?

Is this the fucking mahjong anime slot? DEAR GOD.


  1. I've got some stuff from Ogre Your Asshole, but they just can't live up to a name like that.

    Logan played some of my stuff from them the other day when he was at my place. Apparently the name is a quote from Revenge of the Nerds.

  2. They seem to be perfectly acceptable, which makes them better than just about everything else in Japan.
    Apparently I can't embed a video in a reply. Fucking lame.

  3. You'll be happy to know that Japan shares your disdain for Souten Shoujo. The comments about it on Futaba and 2ch had me cracking up.

  4. Having two bands like that do theme songs for an anime? Awesome!

    The world of anime needs more theme songs from lesser known (good) bands instead of bands like L'arc en Ciel or (dear god no) Orange Range.

    Now they need to plug in these bands somehow:

    ...and so on; too lazy and sick to find vids