Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Get it together, Sengoku Basara

Episode four contained absolutely NOTHING of interest.
Seriously, if the next episode preview had not revealed that Tokugawa has a fucking MECHA, I would have written this baby off for good.
It's the female leads that get under my skin - or got under my skin this week. I can just about stomach feudal female speech when the men are all full on feudal too, but when they're all speaking modern Japanese, and the women aren't? They just sound disgustingly servile, and the character designs being designed for some rapist's submissive ninja fantasy wank off just stabs the point home bloodily.
Shit is skeevy, and you seriously need fucking crazy awesome action to make up for it. Ass boring plot shit and trotting out the same joke till it utterly ceases to be interesting are not fucking helping.


  1. some rapist's submissive ninja fantasy wank offAt first this made me laugh, but then I remembered this mind-blowing article in Asian Cult Cinema about seppuku porn, and now I am very, very sad.

  2. Damn it, why does the formatting always puke when I try to italics-quote somebody?