Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Are you ready, guys?

There has been an encouraging resurgence in manly bullshit this season.
I initially avoided Sengoku Basara on the theory that nothing made from a video game has ever been worth a god damn. But a friend of the blog persuaded me to give it a go.

It is, indeed, well jovian.
This is clearly the voice cast and production staff Souten Kouro should have had.
When the first fucking line is in Engrish, and some rockin' guitars scream behind the cavalry charge, you know you are in for a time.
While it sort of blows it's load in the first half of the episode, as Date Masamune and Yukimura NUKE the fucking countryside with the power of their manliness, it promises to keep up the lunacy next week.

While Mazinger's manliness tended towards the incoherent and Souten Kouro's tended towards the inept, Sengoku Basara's manliness tends towards the fucking ridiculous. And to the blatant fucking yaoi bait.
But there's an overarching smirk to every second of it that somehow makes it feel more like Gintama than the actual Gintama anime has ever managed. I'll definitely be watching more.


  1. This does indeed sound like a banner season for stupid shit. Assuming SB stays faithful to the game, watching it sounds more appealing than slogging through the actual game for gems like these.

  2. With the exception of the arrivals from space, basically ALL of that is in the first episode, only with decent animation, good voice acting, and no fucktarded localization yet.

  3. This anime indeed kicks all kind of ass. Good stuff.

    Production I.G obviously knows what they're doing with video game adaptations as of late. I found World Destruction to be highly enjoyable, and now we get this awesome show. Keep 'em coming, I.G.

  4. Wonder why it took so long for the Japanese to realize that self-awareness will help with video game adaptions?

    Gonna check this out.

  5. I made the gross error of watching this immediately after Imagawa's Mazinger, so the edge was rather blunted. Date Masamune's army is fucking awesome, though-- did I catch one guy throwing up the horns before the opening credits? Subbers had far too much fun with lines like "The One-Eyed Dragon is preparing to attack us from behind!"

  6. Shit is peppered with awesome crap like that.