Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Deadly calm

Sengoku Basara episode 3 apparently was under the mistaken impression that it needed to have some downtime.
It wound up being ASS BORING.
Some shows just don't have any substance to fall back on when they aren't being awesome, and it'll definitely be the death of this fucker if they ever make the mistake of stopping the onslaught for more than five minutes at a time again. I doubt I'd survive another episode this dull.


  1. I gave into the pressure and watched the first two episodes just last night, and was just as impressed as everyone else seems to be, so this is disappointing. I think I'll read a summary and maybe skip the actual episode, there's surely not much point to this show without shouting and explosions.

    Incidentally I like how this post makes a nice kind of contrasting pair with the Souten Kouro one below.

  2. There are a couple of decent bits 15 minutes in, but by that time I was too cross to care.

    And yeah, I think the difference in how the shows handle quieter episodes is pretty telling.