Tuesday, April 21, 2009


One of the most dynamic and memorable bits in the Souten Kouro manga was the scene where Cao Cao is told there are many witnesses to his crimes, but no witnesses, save himself, to his innocence.
He responds by pointing at the sky.
"The heavens are my witness."

Somehow this wound up being animated with his hand in front of his mouth so they wouldn't have to fucking animate his lip flap.
And yet, the fundamental beauty of it continues to shine through, to the point where I'm officially going to make this my last bitch about the budget and the fucking horrible voice casting. I've got nothing new to say on those posts, and they're not preventing me from coming back every week.
Particularly when Cao Cao is taking a position in charge of the Northern gate, and ordering beatings to anyone breaking curfew. Beatings with a fucking massive log. A particularly awesome bit has a man sentenced to a hundred and four whacks; this is reduced to twenty two on the grounds that it is not intended to be fatal, but the man dies after one. "Fine," Cao Cao declares.
And moves on to preventing the world's most awesome suicide.

Death by axe headbutting!

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