Thursday, April 9, 2009

Someone actually thought through this shit

I totally just figured out what dudes this powerful bother bringing armies. There's a shot early on in which Date Masamune rides headlong into the enemy, slaughtering them all...while his armies circle around, PREVENTING ESCAPE.
Episode 2 of Sengoku Basara continued the series utter commitment to making everything as bad ass as humanly possible.

The ensuing fight involved him standing perfectly still with his axe up while a blur of ninja arms and sparks failed to break through his astounding immobile defense.
As Giant Robo style arrows and fucking youkai attacks rocketed past my glazed eyes, a thundering choral piece slammed onto the soundtrack and Oda Satan Nobunaga appeared against the virulent eye of a hurricane, blood red cape flapping in the breeze. He did not even need to speak. Even mute, he was voiced by Norio Wakamoto.

I think I'm pretty much done sulking that this staff weren't doing Souten Kouro, and ready to fucking call this as genuinely great in its own right. If it weren't in the same season as Mazinger, it would already be the fucking show of the year.


  1. Also, Date Masamune reacted to some bad news by shouting, "SHIT!" really loudly. AWESOME.

  2. "Even mute, he was voiced by Norio Wakamoto."

    Clearly it would be foolish to resist the force of such poetry. I'll have to make time for this.