Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This show is NOTHING without the narrator. His brief resurgence halfway through this episode made it very clear just how important he is.
Without him, how would we know why Mazinger can DEFLECT LASERS?

Only this narrator can pronounce Zed enthusiastically enough to make me briefly forget that it is supposed to be pronounced Zee.
We then plunge beautifully into melodrama in a way that felt very much like Go Nagai and Imagawa (none of the suspicious genuineness from last week) and involved Devil Mazinger.

Followed immediately by a short sharp return to episode one style bad ass entrance theater. AWESOME.


  1. Are you watching the broadcast version or the streaming one? The latter comes with about two more minutes of footage.

    Haven't gotten around to five, yet.

  2. I'm watching whatever the hell I find first.
    Hopefully this'll get picked up with the extra footage thrown in, but if not, gives us all an excuse to rewatch in marathons when the thing wraps up.