Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Asura Cryin', episode 1

The classic tale of a boy and his giant robot/epic destiny/heroic journey is completely turned on it's head with the addition of the ghost of an adorable girl that has been haunting our hero for years! Or something.

Beautiful women abound, of course. By day, they are his mild-manner (and large-chested) classmates, but by night the transform into warriors and attack him, demanding that he turn over something he's never heard of before. Surely this has no connection to the heavy briefcase his globe-trotting brother's girlfriend dropped off with him (complete with an ominous and cryptic warning), right? No one would have expected that it contained a giant CGI robot ready to do do his bidding!

Despite having the usual love interest role be filled with a ghost and a title suggesting slang-slinging Indian angels, nothing new is really going on in Asura Cryin'. Nothing at all. Recommended only to those for whom the "reluctant school boy hero gifted with great powers and pursued by dozens of beautiful women with their own powers" mine has not been completely exhausted.
based on 1 episode : ANN : Wikipedia

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