Thursday, May 14, 2009

One Piece fans rejoice

For Funimation is going for a simulcast of the anime with only a one hour difference between the airing of the Japanese episode beginning later this month, and Viz is releasing the most recent Japanese chapters in their Shonen Jump magazine starting in the fall.

The latter news is more interesting to me, considering we should see massive volume releases soon thereafter.

Now if only Funimation would license Hosoda's One Piece film...


  1. Does not compute. Catching up is a good thing - are they starting with volume 53, where the cast scattered and things got silly? I can see them mistaking that for a good place to jump ahead while they caught up.
    Good they're catching up, I guess.
    (Only the manga counts in my world, yes.)

  2. Very vague on where they're starting. They're at least skipping Skypiea to Thriller Bark.

    And you should really watch the sixth One Piece movie, Andrew. The art alone is AMAZING; the animation has only seven in-betweeners for the whole film, and shares staff with Mind Game. It's exactly what I would envision a proper One Piece adaption would look like.