Wednesday, May 6, 2009

07-Ghost, episode 1

Coming to the rescue of any otaku who felt that there was a distinct lack of effeminate and angstful anime pretty boys staring deeply into each other's eyes, 07-Ghost has all the breathy-voiced bishis and baroque costume and set design one would expect. It's also about as boring as expected.

It covers the checklist:
  • a brooding, amnesiac hero
  • an overly chipper best friend who is always trying to get him to open up emotionally
  • a doting mentor
  • mysterious powers (though the show doesn't put any effort into demonstrating them, it just cuts to the chase and has another friend say that the hero is "special")
  • a beautiful asshole who walks into the show and drives the hero into a rage, only to end up in power over him
The slash-fic almost writes itself, especially in the scene where the perfectly platonic friend insists on sleeping with the hero because it's going to be their last night together.

There's also some plot about a war between nations, lost members of a royal family, wanting to get revenge for a half-remembered and murdered father, but none of it really matters when the show is really only interested in having beautiful boys fling CGI magic attacks at each other. It's a Dragonball knock-off for the ladies who don't want to admit they'd rather just be watching straight-up yaoi.

The only saving grace at all are the mechanical designs, which are somewhat interesting in their baroque extravagance, but the airships only show up briefly in the first episode and certainly aren't compelling enough to justify attention.

Only recommended for slash-fic writers who simply can't come up with any interesting pairing of their own.
Based on one episode : ANN : Wikipedia

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