Friday, July 10, 2009

Obligatory Bakemonogatari 2 episode

Not sure I have a lot to add to last week's comments, but they're really capturing something that just feels right to me, even when it diverges wildly from what I'd experienced reading the book.
Meme in particular is absolutely not the paunchy goofball I'd imagined, but a much more dangerous seeming lunatic - and they pretty much sold me on it instantly.
I also really appreciated the way they chose to underplay the bulk of the first half; while the novel version was a lot more raucously funny, playing it like a comedy would probably have combined poorly with Hitagi's lack of clothes and sent the whole thing spiraling downwards into some sort of harem show vibe. Keeping the line readings (mostly) to a more conversational tone managed to make the entire scene feel oddly mature, even with a few obligatory jokes, and eased the transition into the more serious climax.


  1. Fucking good to know, especially that this is a worthwhile adaption since I think that's the only thing that could have been disappoint about this show for me.

  2. This series has me so conflicted. I dig the concepts, and the characters are interesting enough (even if we're dealing with a self-admitted tsundere), but Shinbo's direction keeps pissing me off in spots. Episode two was more subdued than episode one, but a lot of his odd touches -- the live-action bits during the revelation scene, for instance -- are just too self-indulgent.

  3. That particular moment definitely did not work at all.