Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ikki site is live

Viz has finally updated their Ikki online magazine site, posting the first chapters of Bokurano, Dorohedoro, I'll Give It My All... Tomorrow and Saturn Apartments, in addition to their usual update of Children of the Sea; a week from now they'll include Afterschool Charisma, House of Five Leaves, Kingyo Used Books and Tokyo Flow Charts. Each month they'll update the series with a new chapter, posting them individually once every week.

It'll be interesting to see how this works out for the already "established" series -- will Viz only published the first few volumes of them online? Bokurano is already familiar to fans through the usual means, and I wouldn't be surprised if Dorohedoro has grabbed enough of a following, as well.

Regardless, it's great that we're finally seeing these kind of titles gain further ground in North America.


  1. Bokurano is somewhat well known, but I think Dorehedoro following is a lot smaller.

    Since they're removing the first volume's chapters of Children of the Sea after a certain amount of time passes when the first volume is available for publishing, I would guess that they would continue to do this for the other series as well. So basically, you only have a set amount of time to read them online.

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  3. So Laika or anyone else who can answer, is every series most definitely going to receive a print release?

  4. Bokurano and Dorohedoro already have their first volumes scheduled for February and March of next year, respectively. I suppose Viz saw enough of a market to go ahead with publishing them in print form, and the Ikki site is just a good way to gather more readers.

    The other titles seem to be testing waters, so we won't know for certain. Unless all of the titles receive a large number of hits, I can't see all of them receiving a print release.