Sunday, July 12, 2009

Moribito II: Guardian of the Darkness (aka Yami no Moribito)

"Back under the mountain, when the Herders had finished their sacred hymn, they made the warriors vow to keep silent, and the warriors had agreed, knowing that words could never adequately describe what they had just seen or experienced."

One of my favorite lines from the book, and one that aptly encapsulates my feelings about it. Guardian of the Darkness is something I can praise, but not really something I can describe too well.

Anyway, fucking sensational read. Guardian of the Darkness is beautiful, badass, dazzling from its awesome cover to its last page. The penultimate section of the book is a spectacle to visualize and behold in your mind, a smorgasbord of imagery. If anything, read this book for the most glorious physical/metaphysical spear fight ever featured in any literary work.

Buy/read/love this thing now if you enjoyed watching/reading Seirei no Moribito. I loved this continuation even more than its predecessor. I hope Scholastic keeps on releasing more volumes by the way and keeps Cathy Hirano at the translating helm. She's once again put out some fantastic work. Andrew any little tidbits on what happens in the later volumes of Moribito, if you've happened to read them?


  1. I also would stake a claim on Darkness being even better.
    The third was the weakest I've read; too much dream based tomfoolery, felt like it wasn't all that grounded. The fourth was a Chagum solo venture that was fucking bad ass, and brought in the arc plot for the series.
    Next two come out this month!

  2. I so need to read this. Well, after finishing the Moribito anime, that is. Adult Swim just HAS to be taking their oh-so-annoying sweet time with it. The bastards.

  3. Yo Andrew, according to the Wikipedia entry under "Guardian series", 7 stories have been released in the series so far with the last one coming out in 2007. Do you mean that numbers 8 and 9 come out this month?

  4. I'm referring to the bunko edition - which has full kanji, and is much easier to read.