Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bakemonogatari special

Why kind of line fails to make it into the anime?
"Araragi, let me just say this - if you rape me, I will do everything in my power to exact a Boy's Love revenge upon you."
In the anime, all that was left of it was the lead in line, "It might be hard to tell with my clothes on, but my body simply isn't worth breaking the law to get your hands on."

Large chunks of Bakemonogatari consisted of dirty jokes run through a nerd filter; I note the nerdy aspect of the joke was removed in the process of TV filtering this line, and dozens of others with it.

Would be a shame if Suruga Monkey gets hit too hard with the TV stick; her entire character is based on constantly propositioning the main characters.

Corrected, based on asute comment observations.


  1. Intoxicated, mister?
    Bake -> Baka; somehow -> someone, etc.

    Anyway, the clothes line is in the original novel text as well, they just skipped the later half of that conversation in the anime.

  2. In Maria Holic (yeah, I know), there were a lot of lines about how much the (lesbian) main character REALLY lusted after all the girls in the show. And I remember an episode of Zoku SZS where they had some yaoi caps with Itoshiki and his "shounen manga rival" that were almost explicit.

    Maybe it was the 'rape' part that made them skip that line?