Friday, July 31, 2009

Me? I'll tell you. My name is...

And thus, episode 16 concludes, having brought Shin Mazinger a much needed injection of energy and complication. I'm on board again. And I said I had this basically dropped earlier...

Episode 15 introduces one gigantic plot twist that I somehow did not see coming. I should've known that Imagawa still had one of those in him. Then 16 really returns some spice to the series. We start with Baron Ashura giving a silly fourth wall-breaking monologue proclaiming to the viewers that this show will be different from this episode onwards. And different this is - we get a new opening sequence, one that actually has some non-stock, OP-exclusive footage! Some awkward romantic development between Kouji and Sayaka threatens to derail the episode, but we get the entrance of Mechanical Lifeform Kedora, the civilization destroying brains to put this transgression to a halt. The Kedora are fucking ugly looking, resembling mutated, tentacled cyclops vaginas.

A Kedora takes over Mazinger, which requires joint badassery on the part of Nishikiori and Kouji to recapture. Our favorite fighting brains unfortunately seem to be in dire straits when a frustrated Dr. Hell begins stepping on them, only to be interrupted by Gorgon. The addition of a third party excites me. Here's to Duke Gorgon fucking some things up!

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