Monday, April 26, 2010

Zerozaki Hitoshiki no Ningen Kankei: Nyoumiya Izumu to no Kankei

While the first Zerozaki spin off novel is among the best things Nisio Isin has written, the two follow ups were merely fun fan service. Now he's finished the series off with four new volumes released at once in an act of supreme cruelty, and from the looks of things, they're definitely still really awesome fan service.
The magical cannibal, Nyoumiya Izumu, teaming up with Zerozaki Hitoshiki and the narcoleptic berserker, Saijo Tamamo, to assassinate the previously spoken of but not seen Kunagisa Nao? All because the worst man alive wants to read a book?
Yeah. It completely requires you to have read the Zaregoto series with a disturbing sort of intensity. Including Saijo Tamamo, my favorite damn character, is a particular gift. Having her say exactly one thing the entire fucking volume is cruelty the likes of which he is swift making his specialty, although her spectacularly violent fight scene definitely served as a reminder why I think people getting in a moral panic about Hit Girl is just fucking hilarious. (Tamamo is, at the time this story takes place, ten. And she impales herself on her enemy's swords in order to reach said enemy and cut them into a million tiny pieces. Then she happily falls asleep in a pool of blood and body parts.)
There's some strong notes here, and several suggestions that his recent failures have not completely robbed him of his power, but it may well be for fans only. Fans are probably going to love the shit out of it, though.

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