Sunday, April 4, 2010

Giant Killing 01

I'm not gonna say there's anything here we haven't seen before. This is very much a classic Hoosiers style coach-centric sports story. Struggling team, new coach chosen, his selection controversial, his methods more so, eventually succeeds.

But it does that story really well. A nice, matter-of-fact, low key presentation that allows them to actually earn the payoffs. Punk rock opening and ending themes that I can pretty much already guarantee will be the best of the season. Actual native-English speakers for the opening bits in West Ham.
Very promising start.


  1. Good to know. I read the first long chapter of the manga a month or so ago in prep for this, and I liked the story and premise but the art was pretty fucking bad. If the anime does it better, then I'm all for it.

  2. I actually only watched this because the cover art for the manga impressed. I was thinking the actual character designs seemed like a step down from that; is the manga one of those where it looks great in color and not so much in black and white? King of Bandits Jing syndrome?

  3. I actually think King of Bandits looks amazing in B&W and I hated the anime adaption, so I can't tell you how the analogy will work for me, nor even if our tastes would coincide there, lol.

    But no, I mean the art was pretty outright ugly a lot of the time. Give it a thumb-through, you can't not see what I mean, lol.

  4. Are you mentally deficient?
    Do you even know what good art is?
    King of Bandits is some of the shittiest shit ever fucking put to page. It is literally impossible to work out what the fuck is even happening.
    I just went to look at Giant Killing, and the art is fucking fantastic. Did you look at King of Bandits Shit instead and think you were looking at this?
    The anime designs are less organic, and a few of the quirkier aspects of the manga art don't translate quite as well (the girl's eyes, for instance) but if you've read any Ikki-esque manga at all, particularly Igarashi, you should be able to see how great this shit is.

  5. lmao.

    I can tell what's happening in Jing just fine. I love looking at it, just marveling at it. It's my kind of style.

    I didn't like the way Giant Killing was drawn a lot of the time. The shapes of peoples bodies just seemed wrong to me.

    There is no such thing as good art. For every bit that you think my taste sucks, I think that your taste sucks a fat, hairy cock. But, hey, if you wanna take the road that what you think is right is right, then good for you. Hence, my prior warning that our tastes probably wouldn't coincide on this one.

    Chill, AC. No reason to get aggressive just because I like different art styles. I also think that the Gintama anime is amazing and far more interesting than the manga. In spite of our shared love of Faust authors, there are bound to be places where our tastes don't coincide, yaknow. After all, I've yet to ever meet anyone who liked half of what I liked.

  6. He does have a caricaturist's eye for proportions.

  7. The art in Giant Killing is great. Stylish and very specific and recognizable.

  8. Yeah out of curiosity I skimmed Giant Killing; have to say it's got pretty damn good art and overall sequential flow.

    Art is obviously subjective, but it doesn't mean it doesn't have a science to it, sequential art included.

    Haven't read Bandit Jing before though.