Saturday, April 17, 2010

House of Five Leaves

This season was always going to revolve around the expanded Noitamina slot, and now the first one has finally aired.
It's based on a manga with a very distinctive art style, but they've done a very good job of capturing it and making it work for the show.

I wasn't sure about the first few minutes, which have a few pointlessly cryptic moments; and I've no idea what the connection between the kid with the leaf shaped burn scars has to do with the latter half of the episode, but the kid was interesting, and the timid samurai and laid-back yakuza were both very compelling.
Looking forward to the rest of the season, which is even streaming and shit.

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  1. I didn't really get much from the few chapters I sampled on Viz's SigIkki site, but like the first episode a fair bit. Might be a similar case with Mushi-shi, where the atmosphere and art is elevated by a capable director.

    IIRC, this covers the first two chapters, although some bits emphasizing Akitsu's hunger are excised.