Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dulalala!! ep 15

Tonight was all about shocking character designs.
I had no idea Shiki was this fucking bad ass:

And Kuzuhara without his helmet is virtually unrecognizable.


  1. Shouldn't he only have 1 eye? Or am I confusing him with another Yakuza?

  2. Yeah, Akabayashi only has the one eye, and is a big boss type, so I expected him to be bad ass. Shiki came across more as a normal middle-age dude in a tough job; smart as a whip and a real threat, but could pass for katagi if he wanted.

  3. BTW, found this spoileristic character from the 4th novel:

    Almost didn't recognized some of them like Kyohei without his hat. Nice to see that Masaomi and MIkado are still group together.