Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tatami Galaxy 2

As expected, it looks like each episode is going to start over at the beginning of college, with the motormouthed narrator choosing a different club before sinking into the exact same failures.

The weakness of this structure is that it mandates a series of echoed touchstones, moments that happen in each version of the story; but to get mileage out of those, you have to keep them more or less the same for the second episode, which is a bit...dull. I couldn't help but feel like they could have done a little more with them than have the narrator experience deja vu. The fortune teller in particular seemed like the same fucking footage. This repetition will pay off later, I'm sure, but for such a stylish show, he didn't really find a way to repeat most of those moments stylishly.
Good thing the rest of the episode is a blast. The shift from the faceless lovers to a full fledged character helped personalize his vindictive struggle.
The ending song is weirdly great, too.

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