Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Z! episodes 19 and 20: The Longest Day at the Kurogane House parts 1 and 2

Shit, I'm loving this arc. What did I like about these two episodes? Randomness, reversals, and one-upping are abound. Grandpa Kabuto has several scenes. There's lots of barrel-chested, desperate shouting. Zeus' giant green arm is amazing. The flashbacks are extremely badass. Nishikiori has one explosively badass moment, in addition to some more subdued character-developing ones. The animation is at the best it's been in this series. These episodes were so sensational that the lull preceding it seems like a distant memory. Imagawa has been saving his punches for an absolute flurry. Thank you Imagawa. I don't remember the last time I was excited for a subsequent episode.

On a separate note, another commercial for Cencoroll has been released. I love the rave-y music they've used so far. I'm looking forward to the soundtrack as much as the thing itself.

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