Friday, August 21, 2009

"Our senseless wars have given extraterrestrials an irresistible opportunity to attack our planet."

So, it turns out Goke, Bodysnatcher From Hell just about lives up to the lurid name, being just the right combination of kitschy and actually good. Admittedly, you sort of need the proper mindset going in, but if you can't find something to enjoy in this stew of Technicolor sets, suicidal birds, nihilistic art-bombers, classic Adamski UFOs, and mind-controlling plates of liver, well, I'm just not sure we can be friends. I particularly love the random American who apparently understands Japanese fluently, but only ever speaks in English. Doesn't look like this is on R1 DVD yet, but there's always this suspiciously awesome-looking VHS version. I'm totally naming my band "Space Age Bloodsuckers".


  1. lol that description could almost be copy-pasted to fit Godzilla Final Wars, just with the addition of giant monsters

  2. Wow, that's exactly right. Final Wars lacks the psychic meat, but makes up for it with Hilariously Racist Depiction of Harlem vs Rodan.