Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Assault Girls: Oshii should stick to live action

Avalon was actually watchable, and I hear good things about the Tachigui films. Given how relentlessly boring his anime has been, maybe Oshii should stick to this kind of live action lunacy. He seems to have more fun with it.
I imagine it will have only a a faint resemblance to the original short:


  1. Since I'm Japanese-illiterate, could you tell me what the hell that short was about?

  2. There's really nothing in the dialogue you wouldn't get from the visuals. It really is about a woman crashing onto post-apocalyptic earth to visit a giant statue of the Colonel.

  3. As all quality entertainment should be.

    Damn, that is easily the least-Oshii thing I've ever seen. Either he woke up a completely different person one day or that is actually ALL the shooting and sploding the movie will contain.

    Tachigui was a weird blend of surreal humor and very dry humor. I... think I liked it, but it's the kind of thing that's hard to actually call good or bad. Which is why I find him such a frustrating filmmaker.

  4. Looks ridiculous.

    I have no idea why he hasn't done an anime comedy in decades. (Does he reserve certain indulgences for animation? That would explain his 8 1/2 parody.) I'm fond of Patlabor 2 and all, but I'd fucking kill for some kind of revival in the spirit of Urusei Yatsura or the Patlabor OVA.