Friday, August 28, 2009

Bakemonogatari 8

Shaft saw Mononoke, I see. The opening bit was a direct visual reference.


  1. Not too fond of this episode, which is odd considering the previous two are my favorites of the series so far. The exposition just becomes too much; I enjoy the ridiculous back-and-forths that can be revealing, so when we're treated to overly-thorough explanations of character background and motivation -- or even small asides, like when Koyomi realizes that Oshino used his cell phone -- I grow impatient. (Not that Mononoke didn't sit the audience down for explanations at the end of each arc, but the visuals are obviously on two different levels, and Nakamura knows when to have the characters shut up.)

    And I'm also bitter that the fight is constantly interrupted; Koyomi is being thrown around by his intestines, for Christ's sake.

  2. On the one hand, the fight interruptions allowed them to make it seem longer than they had the budget to animate, and made it seem even more violent, because the bits they do show us are so over the top, what could be happening when behind those letters?
    But I don't think they quite struck the balance they were going for to make it really work.
    Suruga is pretty much the greatest character in the history of fiction, so an episode in which she barely says a word, and utterly avoids her own comic shtick, is inevitably disappointing. Hopefully she'll get some good shit in in the next arc, but since they're only giving it two episodes, I'm worried it'll be her bits that get cut down.