Thursday, February 12, 2009

Zerozaki Magashiki no Ningen Ningen

Third in the Zaregoto spin-off Zerozaki Clan series. Like Zerozaki Kishishiki no Ningen Knock, this one is a handful of short stories that bounce back and forth over the timeline. The first of these introduces Magashiki; standing in the middle of a crowded amusement park, holding a contra bassoon, and wearing a coat and tails. Fighting a woman in a cartoon bear costume armed with nunchucks.
The second involves the infamously red Aikawa Jun, with the greatest entrance line of all time. "Whoops, I was accidentally dead for twenty four hours." She follows this with, "Man, I haven't been killed since I was a baby. I thought I was never coming back to life."
This is, needless to say, a hard act to follow. The third story is largely down time, and contains some quite forgettable chunks, but all is forgiven - I had been desperately curious what the fuck happened to Iori after Zerozaki Soushiki no Ninken Shiken. After all, she did lose both hands over the course of the book, and it ends with Aikawa Jun kicking their train off the tracks.
I would totally be up for the Zerozaki Iori adventures, despite his seeming reluctance to attach the name to her - despite doing so at the end of the first novel, he's still using her pre-awakening name here. She also fails to kill anybody, but this is probably because she didn't have new hands yet.
The final story pitches Magashiki up against the Orange Violence, a bit of behind the scenes stuff from the three part final to the Zaregoto series. It was a pretty satisfying bit of fanservice.


  1. I realize you wrote this quite some time ago, but I wonder if you could maybe write a summary of the second Zerozaki novel. Finding someone who has read them is almost as hard as being a non-japanese-speaking Nisio fan, so it'd be a huge favor.

  2. Hey Eriku, this is the first translated chapter of the manga adaption of the second Zerozaki Novel. Enjoy!8GZXlKpK!ho-FSct8JiX_1AJQmoPqV8s0y9ZbldSDZw9jNNve62I