Saturday, February 7, 2009

Feel like reading Paprika?

The UK publishers have, apparently, put a chunk of it up online.
Not read it myself, but hopefully someone here will.


  1. Didn't read it yet, but a glance-through shows that it's very dry compared to the playful film. Might not help that I've re-watched the movie a lot, and cannot imagine a better opening than the circus sequence.

  2. I imagined it would be dry; it's only the modern generation that worked out that your prose does not need to be horribly stilted. The people that grew up reading Murakami when he was the only fucker with a style.
    The translator does not appear to be helping matters much. Not unreadable or anything, but he's being a bit too faithful to the Japanese, and needs to learn to massage stuff a little so it sounds more natural in English. Judging from the page or two I read, at least.