Sunday, February 8, 2009

The awesome inanity of Princess Resurrection

Let's see... this semi-immortal warrior appears to be wearing a cape over a bikini top, cargo pants with the fly unbuttoned, a belt under said pants, a Klingon bat'leth, and some kind of giant claw-gauntlet. Fantastic.

This isn't even the best volume of the series... Hiro doesn't sustain any especially grievous wounds, nor do we have zombie pandas, dual chainsaw action or ghost shark vs chandelier, but there is a surprising and obscure B-movie cameo to go along with the more obvious George Romero references.

Sadly, this isn't one of Del Rey's more gracefully translated titles, but this was hardly art to begin with, just good trashy fun. With Hellsing almost over and 3x3 Eyes' English release in an endless limbo, Princess Resurrection is here to fill that invincible-undead-fight-manga-shaped hole in our hearts. God bless. Just stick to the manga, the anime version is bowdlerized beyond repair.

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