Friday, October 30, 2009

Kuuchuu Buranko 3

I didn't actually have anything much to say about this episode other than that I enjoyed it, but don't feel the need to talk it up much.
Then I happened to look around on the Wikipedia page, and discovered they've actually changed the the client character's gender this week. He's a romance novelist -- who once wrote a really great work of literature, but who turned to romance novels, despite his sexual inexperience, because his real book didn't sell -- and who now suffers from vomiting fits every time he starts to think he might be repeating himself. Changing the gender here makes for rather a dramatic reframing of the content, to the point where it's sort of hard to imagine what it would have been like originally; much like I find it hard to imagine Irabu not as three fucking psychos, but as played by Abe Hiroshi (in the TV movie version.)
If nothing else, I'm gradually starting to form a real desire to go read the novels.

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