Monday, October 12, 2009

Avoid Fairy Tail

Christ, this season is shit. Hiro Mashima appears to owe his entire career to slavishly copying Oda Eiichiro's style...the problem being that he's a bit shit at it. Shit in a way carefully manufactured to sell to dribbling morons incapable of distinguishing cliche from archetype. I read the first volume of Rave, and it was pathetically bad, but people who genuinely ought to know better have sworn up and down that Fairy Tail was actually genuinely good, so I made the mistake of giving the anime a shot. Not a lot of competition right now.
Mashima has clearly never met a shit fantasy comedy cliche he didn't love, and the anime carefully crammed every single one of them into the half of the episode I managed to survive. Fuck dumb oblivious hero? Check. Obnoxious weird animal sidekick? Check. Obnoxious airhead materialistic girl introduced vamping herself to buy shit? Check. Exposition awkwardly passed off as conversation, half-assed world building, fuck awful comedy jokes, grating presentation...
There was literally not a single solitary second of this I did not absolutely hate. Even the fucking opening song is unbelievably terrible. I dare anyone to survive past the eyecatch, and if you actually fucking like it you need to do some serious soul searching and discover what makes you such a failure as a human being.


  1. HAHA! harsh!

    I've never watched the anime episode yet but I did enjoy the manga. (yes, yes I did)

    Maybe I found it tolerable because I knew Rave was shit and came in with lower expectations. I may need to re-read it again but I had a good dumb time reading something that felt like it wasn't trying to innovate but an attempt to do a honest-to-god sincere shot at generic shonen.

  2. Why the fuck does everyone spell the title of this series wrong? For crying out loud, it's Fairy TAIL, not TALE. Geez ...

    No comment on the first episode, though, as I haven't watched it yet. This season isn't THAT bad, by the way. Yeah, it's not great, but it isn't "shit" either.

  3. Probably because Fairy Tale is a recognized concept, while Fairy Tail is not, and was not explained anywhere in the fifteen minutes of pain it put me through. Makes more sense than everyone on earth misspelling Berserk because of the band...

  4. You're doing it wrong, Andy-chan. This season is golden.

    Here's the trick to enjoying Fall 2009 anime:
    1] Find a friend who hates the same anime as you do.
    2] Hook up via MSN (or in the living room).
    3] Sync your timing and hit PLAY!
    4] Ridicule shitty anime together.

    This method has gotten me through gems like Kämpfer, Seitokai no Ichizon and Fairy Tail! Don't miss Miracle Train.

  5. Find a friend who hates the same anime as you do ... Ridicule shitty anime together.

    That's kind of the fundamental principle of this blog, actually.