Friday, October 23, 2009

Kuuchuu Buranko 2

I can't say I'm ready to actively recommend it, but I definitely tapped into the wavelength of this episode more than I did the first. And it certainly has some spectacular visual flourishes.


  1. That does look great.

    Something I also found on a certain anime forum that bodes well for the remainder of the series, and also inadvertently alludes to one of your complaints:

    "Irabu's three forms is entirely anime-original. In the novel he's really just a 35 (38?) year old, childish, fat guy.

    "The author's first concern is 'to give the reader a good time' with Irabu's questionable methods and how the patients suffer through it. :P The first episode was relatively tame. Expect it to change soon, haha."

  2. The three forms is a fine idea, but the bear head voice really grated in the first episode; it toned down a bit this time, which was a big help.

  3. Ah, so the multiple forms is a new thing they concocted just for the anime. That's pretty neat.

    As for the first episode, I really enjoyed it. However, if it was indeed "relatively tame," I am very interested in how much more bizarre things can get. Especially considering what the patient is suffering from in episode two.