Friday, October 16, 2009

Kuuchuu Buranko 1

Pretty much what the trailer promised, the first episode was obnoxiously grating to the point of being almost completely unwatchable. I'm a big enough fan of Mononoke to give Nakamura another week to gel all this screeching and weirdness into something effective -- after all, it was damn near the end of the first Mononoke episode before anything really began to click with me, and it was definitely the second episode that sold me solid.
On the other hand, absolutely nothing worked for me here, so this is purely an act of faith on my part.


  1. Not to be pessimistic before I've actually seen anything, but could the production schedule be a reason for some of what they're doing? The third season of Nodame was originally scheduled for the timeslot before being pushed back to next spring, and I have no idea when Toei would have started on this.

  2. Not really, at least, not for anything of the things that are bugging me about the series. The live action elements and the low frame rate on the animation are totally fine. But the story adds up to nothing, and one of the three voices the doctor uses makes me want to kill things.