Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ushio also fucks shit up

Another thing we have obviously been remiss in covering.
Ushio and Tora is some fucking ludicrously bad ass awesomeness.

Joe once told me the anime as Calvin and Hobbes, but Hobbes kept trying to eat Calvin.
The manga is more like a Youkai encyclopedia, if every single god damn youkai was as BAD ASS as the human hand could draw.
Penchant for goofy comedy aside, the 33 volumes of the manga largely consist of Fujita Kazuhiro blowing your god damn mind.
But since his art contains liberal use of the color black, it is obviously not vapidly pretty enough to actually get translated.

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  1. FUCK scanlators. I dunno if we can permaban fuckers for that horseshit, but I'm certainly deleting any links to them.