Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dorothy fucks shit up

I do not believe I've pimped Toto recently.
This is an obvious oversight.
I just spent five seconds on Google image search, and apparently nobody has bothered to scan Dorothy kicking ass, which means you have all failed me yet again, and I really wish I had a scanner. A picture definitely speaks a thousand words here, since something like 90% of Osada Yuuko's appeal comes from his fucking kinetic art. Yet literally every bit I can find is either a cover or a cluttered page that doesn't really show off the magnificence at full power.
I mean, you certainly don't read him for the plot. Every fucking manga he's done has been canceled, regardless of quality. His short stories are fantastic, but his longer works have all been a bit rocky, honestly; the good outweighs the bad, but coupled with his unconventional art style and he's somehow not managed to find any traction.
His obsession with the Toto plot line doesn't help.
The version of Toto Del Rey is bringing out is actually the second - the first one was pure pulp adventure, this one is shonen battle with a pulp adventure flair, and Tribal 12 is the same damn thing as a Fullmetal Alchemist style ensemble cast.
So there's stuff that doesn't work at all. I think it's worth pointing that before I go all bombastic and assure you it doesn't matter at all, because when shit starts clicking, Osada makes everyone else Del Rey publishes look like a god damn amateur.
I have much love for Me and the Devil Blues, for Parasyte, for Alive - three wildly disparate direction. Serious seinen, pulp seinen, serious shonen, and Toto takes the pulp shonen slot and rams it as far over the rainbow as possible.
The Oz references are intentional; the 30s Boys Adventure trappings equally so. Dorothy being a master of the Tornado Kung Fu style is just fucking icing. Or gravy, if you're Guder.
I dunno, after being overwhelmed by the fucking sameness of shit in Magajin (a fucking ghastly magazine) you end up snatching up anything that looks different. Toto! ended up actually being a god damn blast, and sometimes that's enough.

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  1. I do have a scanner, you know. You could stop by, scan a few things, check out the new place.

    It would give me an excuse to hook it up and try to get it working on my Mac. I never got around to it...